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Making Sense Out Of Chaos

Waiting for the hour hand to strike normal.

via Pixabay

We’re all in coronavirus limbo, waiting for time to click by in slothlike increments.

A day feels like a week, a week like a month.

We try to find our footing in a world that looks familiar but is inherently off.

Every day we try to do ”normal” things: get…

How I found the strength to start fresh again

Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash

I’ve worked in many dysfunctional offices over the years, but nothing prepared me for the gluten-free bakery where a promise of purity thrived in their cupcakes but died in their workplace.

I knew things were bad on the first day when I answered the phone and spoke to a coyote…

Finding strength in weakness

Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

I’ve always been a space cadet. In grade school, I would stare out the window during class watching the leaves float off trees instead of focusing on a lesson in penmanship, which explains my lousy handwriting. But who could blame me? Penmanship is boring. Yet, other students could focus and…

A Poem


Not here
or there
in between
shadows lengthening
late in the day

pool people splashing, laughing
knowing each other’s names
while we wait in stasis
twisty things that don’t seem to fit
struggling for a place in the sun

where others lounge
chatting in chairs
we walk in the shade…

Reflections on the gene pool


On a bluish day
sunlight frames the perimeter in the shade
where an ethereal creature waits in moral certitude
while remorse wades through deeper waters

echoes of a mother burdened by a damaged son
disturbs the tranquility of nature’s grace,
interminable dissonance
born from expectations of perfection swirls in shame


Living with dementia

via Pixabay

In a distant world, a house stands on a creaky foundation overlooking a hill.

Inside the house, a man sits by the window staring at sky.

Through the glass, he looks small and uncertain, his eyes hazy with discontent.

His wife stands behind him staring at his balding head.



Dress up your monopole in a campy costume

Because boring is more harmful to your health than electromagnetic rays.

Now you can enjoy your cellphone and surroundings, too. Thanks to the folks at Cell Tower Campy Costumes.

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Her ass his chair

Photo by mahdi rezaei on Unsplash

A man sits in a chair by a window in a darkening room. His face brightens when he’s reunited with his wife’s ass bearing down upon his lap.

MAN: Hello, dear. I’ve missed your ass.

WIFE: Ah, the chair speaks.

MAN: How was your day?

WIFE: Just lovely. Packing boxes…

For a dip in the breezy hot blue

Summer clouds floating over a lake.
L.Salkin-West Lake Reservoir Dam

Breezy hot sunshine flickers
on the perimeter of an outdoor dining island,
as shadows drift by my socially distanced table,
with neighboring wisps of conversation.

Clouded faces float in another world that circles mine,
strangers sharing stories in the company of others,
shielded by a fortress of chairs
behind a dark wall…

Should I jump in?

Photo by Nicholas Sampson on Unsplash

Shoe tips point to slacken sky,
as passing storm clouds thunder by.
One more step, off the cliff I go.
Should I?

I know the gloom that looms below,
the family gene pool, a place I know.
In stagnant waters,
my mother, father, brothers float.

The pool looks dark from…

Lauren Salkin

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